Rain or Shine


The excitement at The Fields has been palpable over the last two weeks…we’ve had three fabulous weddings! Our August 3rd wedding was definitely fate. Last year on the same Saturday, Chris and Rachel got married; this year another Chris and Rachel chose Saturday as their special day. Even though their ceremony was delayed due to a missing bus, the couple exchanged very happy I do’s and partied the night away with great food provided by Alexa’s catering. There were some great lawn games for guests and a round of “Minute to Win It” for the winners of the garter and bouquet toss. My favorite part was their Mario themed wedding cake with the bride as Princess Peach and groom as Mario…very fitting with their last name! The fun and games lasted well into the night and came to an end with some s’more roasting by the fire.

A fun mix of family custom and western themes set August 9th wedding apart from any other. Before their ceremony the bride and groom took part in a tea ceremony to bless their marriage. They exchanged heartfelt vows in our gazebo then started the party with music and delicious appetizers provided by Herban Feast. After a delicious dinner the bride donned cowboy boots and guests gathered to join in some foot stompin’ fun square dancing. Their very special day ended with a bang, literally, as lighting lit the sky and thunder rolled over the hills, making a dramatic send off for the happy couple.

Nothing could dampen the spirits of our bride and groom on the 10th, not even a little rain. White flower petals paved the way as the bride walked down the aisle and made stark contrast with the dark clouds overhead. The bride and groom made it through their vows and off to get some appetizers before the rain began. No one seemed to take notice though, as guests enjoyed horse shoes and dancing on the lawn (people from the Northwest don’t mind a bit of rain after all). The fire pit provided some much needed warmth and the tiki torches lit the way for guests to enjoy our lovely flower filled gardens. The bride and groom were all aglow as they were sent on their merry way amid and aisle of sparklers.

What a Weekend!

We had two weddings this past weekend at The Fields. They were both so unique, we couldn’t wait to share them! Our first wedding the bride and groom’s decor was very appropriate for a farm wedding. Complete with cowboy boots, photos of the bride and groom, hand made signs, and tons of beautiful flowers this wedding was a treat for guests. The bride and groom were sent off with sparklers and well wishes.

Welcome to the wedding!

We loved this unique photo display of the bride and groom.The gazebo was very elegantly decorated.

The most beautiful display for wedding cards and their guest book.

This band was knee slapping good.

They used our produce boxes for favors.

Our second wedding had a vintage vibe; they used Seattle Farm Tables with antique mismatch plates and beautiful flower arrangements all over the table. This bride and groom rolled with the punches as our power went out halfway through their reception. The party was kept alive by Skillet St. Foods and DJ Jason Clark who kept the food coming and the music pumping.  The two newlyweds ended their evening with s’mores in our firepit.

Sweet ceremony/reception sign.

This cake looked and tasted great!

The party was still going strong even when the power went out.