Why Sunday Weddings are the Best

Why Sunday weddings are the best. . .

If you are like me, then you like to stretch out a celebration for as long as possible (Hello birthday month!). Your wedding day should be no exception. This is why I can’t recommend the Sunday wedding enough!  Why not start the family get together’s, rehearsal dinner and special time with your best friends on Friday or Saturday? Plus, statistically Tuesday is the cheapest day for flights so your out of town guests can push the festivities through Monday! This gives you 4 whole days of celebrating your forever love.

Discounts! Almost every venue will have more affordable rates for Sundays. A lot of vendors will also offer lower rates for the “off peak” day! These extra savings allow you to have more money in your budget for a fancier cake, a designer dress, more decorations or even your honeymoon!

Availability. With so many couples choosing Saturday weddings, not only venues but some of the best caterers and other vendors become unavailable over a year or more in advance. When you choose a Sunday wedding you are sure to get the perfect venue and all the vendors that you want!

Your guests are sure to be delighted to celebrate your special day with you  regardless of the day you pick so why not choose a Sunday and take advantage of this great day’s perks!

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